Monday, June 18, 2012

New projects.....

Cruising around blogland I have come across a couple new projects.  Like I need more projects!!  The first one I came across actually was a quilt I wanted to give a try but was a little scared to try it on my own.  Orange Soda Pop from the Fat Quarterly book.  Working along with others seems to be more realistic to me. 

Rainbow Fizz will have a white background and a mixture of bright colored FQ's with micro dots being the "pop".  I really hope that the quilt will come out the same way I see it in my head.

The second new project I found today.  Over at Happy Quilting, Melissa is hosting a Tetris QAL.  Jacob's quilt (pixilized Mario) is almost done and I thought a Tetris quilt would be fun and easy to make.  I am not sure if it will go to him or if I will keep it.  After I cut all the 5" squares for the Soda Pop quilt and Tetris quilt I may need to work on a different shape and size for a while.

Last weekend we went camping.  It was wonderful to get out of the heat and noise of the city and spend some time in the mountains.  Within an hour we were up with the trees and the wonderful fresh smell in the mountains.  I have had to learn to concentrate on these types of trips,  I get car sick really easy on those curvy mountian roads.  We all enjoyed the time together.  One thing we were not prepared for was bedding.  Just after our trip I found some fabric that would be great for outside use.  With the colors on a darker side the dirt won't show up too easy. 

Some of these pieces were already cut into 5" squares and I added the batiks I ordered in 10" squares from Connecting Threads.  All the pieces were mixed up and as I sew the blocks together I just reach in the box were I have them together and grab one.  I have 3 strips sewn together and I think there will be enough for 11 more strips.  These batiks are wonderful to work with.  I have tried some from my LQS and have had a hard time working with them.  If I work with batiks again I will be ordereing them from Connecting Threads!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Personal Retreat.....

A couple weeks ago my hubby said that I needed a break.  So I went to a hotel and spent some me time.  It was geat!  I am thinking of making this a annual thing.  I had a kitchenette so I never had to leave. 

I made my first pin cushion, a Log Cabin pattern:

In all honesty, I stuffed and closed the pin cushion at home.  I didn't bring any filler with me.

I finished Zoe's b-day quilt top.

(I can't get this picture to rotate!)
The fabric came from a FQ bundle of Delight from Riley Blake.  The pattern came from the blog In Color Order.   The tutorial was really easy to follow along.  I am going to machine quilt it with a variagated threat from King Tut.  I just need to get the batting out and the backing to take up to the church to baste.  I have no easy way of basting it here at home.

The only other project I worked on was Jacob's b-day quilt.  I didn't take any pictures yet.  The quilt is made up of 4 1/2" squares.  18 rows by 22 rows.  I have 3 rows to finish piecing then I can start sewing the rows together.  I will have to make sure he isn't around when I take pictures, now that school is out that is harder. 

So far the summer break is going well.  Jacob has swimming lessons for a couple more weeks and Zoe starts gymnastics about the time Jacob is done.  Hopefully we can figure out a trip to Utah somewhere in there along with some camping.

I have more pictures but I will save those for another post.