Thursday, June 14, 2012

Personal Retreat.....

A couple weeks ago my hubby said that I needed a break.  So I went to a hotel and spent some me time.  It was geat!  I am thinking of making this a annual thing.  I had a kitchenette so I never had to leave. 

I made my first pin cushion, a Log Cabin pattern:

In all honesty, I stuffed and closed the pin cushion at home.  I didn't bring any filler with me.

I finished Zoe's b-day quilt top.

(I can't get this picture to rotate!)
The fabric came from a FQ bundle of Delight from Riley Blake.  The pattern came from the blog In Color Order.   The tutorial was really easy to follow along.  I am going to machine quilt it with a variagated threat from King Tut.  I just need to get the batting out and the backing to take up to the church to baste.  I have no easy way of basting it here at home.

The only other project I worked on was Jacob's b-day quilt.  I didn't take any pictures yet.  The quilt is made up of 4 1/2" squares.  18 rows by 22 rows.  I have 3 rows to finish piecing then I can start sewing the rows together.  I will have to make sure he isn't around when I take pictures, now that school is out that is harder. 

So far the summer break is going well.  Jacob has swimming lessons for a couple more weeks and Zoe starts gymnastics about the time Jacob is done.  Hopefully we can figure out a trip to Utah somewhere in there along with some camping.

I have more pictures but I will save those for another post.

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