Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Triangle QAL

For some time now I have been wanting to make a triangle quilt, but was too afraid to figure it out on my own.  I stumbled upon a blog, The Sassy Quilter, who is hosting a Triangle quilt QAL.  I could not wait to get started.  I have followed QAL's but have never linked up with the hostess, so this will be a first.  I originally wanted to pull blacks, reds and whites from my stash, but I found hidden away in my cabinet a FQ bundle of "Sew Cherry" by Lori Holt and changed my mind.

Today I finished step one:  starching and ironing my FQ's.  I didn't buy a ruler so I hope I can make my way through with just using my standard ruler.  If it gets too difficult I will break down and go buy one.  I may enjoy it enough to want one for another quilt.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New project...and old...

     For some crazy reason I decided to start a new EPP project.  I am calling it "Drops of Honey".  The inspiration came from the book Quilting on the Go.  The book has several projects I would like to make, so this book will be used for many years.  I am trying glue basting this time to see how I like it.  So far I am not sure I will continue with the glue even though it is faster.  Attaching the hexies together is a lot harder. 

     I also started some hot pads for Christmas presents.  I am making simple 9-patch blocks and quilting a quarter inch on either side of the seams.  I need to make 6 sets.   On my first block I learned a few things.  One, use less spray baste.  Two, make sure that the 3 year old doesn't change stitch length without me knowing and cuss out Stella (my machine) for not sewing correctly.  She adjusted the stitch length all the way down to paper piecing length and I was having to force the block through.  I finally turned off the machine and restarted her and saw the red light for error go off and knew what was wrong.  After that everything ran smoothly.  Needless to say this tester block will be mine.  Third,  rewatch a binding tute.  It has been so long I cut the beginning of my binding wrong.  Time to go back to basics!!

     Now for the old.  I made a list of started projects or WIP's.  WAY too many!!! I can't even put the number in print here because I am embarrassed.  Some of the projects are very close to being finished, such as sashing strips needing to be cut for a few more rows, sewing blocks into rows.  I would say a handful of the projects could be finished by the end of the month.  When I made the list I tried to place things in order of priority, but I am finding that I want to work on what I feel like.  So that is the route I probably will go.  I haven't had a finish for about 5 months.  It is time to change that.  I also have 5 tops ready to be basted.  Thinking of goals for next year, I have one I want to improve upon which is not buying any new fabric, use what I have.  A new goal is to get some of these WIP's crossed off my list.  My last goal for the New Year is to tackle some fears with sewing.....zippers and curves.  Last month I baught a dress for Zoe that was $40 on sale and it wasn't my first choice.  It is a little shorter then I would like and if she hits a growth spurt it won't last.  I would rather spend the money on fabric and make her some dresses with longer hems, therefore I need to tackle zippers.  A few of my WIP's have curves and my fear of ripping multiple seams have put them in the WIP pile. 

     Hopefully my next post will have some progress to report or better yet a finish!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A few pictures.....

I found some pictures I had not posted and wanted to get them on here. 

My February Solids Bee block...
This block  was fun and fast to make.  The fabric and directions were sent out to everyone.  When I first finished it I saw another block posted and it was different and almost freaked.  I didn't realize that there were more then one style of block sent out.  I do get nervous about making blocks for others for fear they won't like my work.

These next blocks are the for the Sisters 10 BOM.  I just need to do the two for March.  They have been fun and fairly easy to make.  I believe my fabric line is Indian Summer. 

These final two are from the How Far Will You Go Quilt A-long.  These blocks are more done at a slower pace then the BOM's I am doing.  The next block is paper pieced and I haven't gotten up the courage yet to work on it.  I am using a fat quarter bundle of Homefront from Connecting Threads.  I love their thread and fabrics.

I will  do better at taking pictures of my Bee blocks for March.  I have two for the Sunday Morning Quilts Bee ( quilts inspired by the book with that title.) and one for the Solids Bee. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013


I have had some technical difficulties and am back! 

My 2 year-old has started making quilting time hard.  But she is so cute!
They see more then what we think they do.  I had the machine powered off and she doesn't know where the switch is thankfully. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Manic Monday...

This past week I didn't get much sewing done.  I planned to work on my Kaleidoscope QAL but when I went to get it, I couldn't find it anywhere.  That would mean it is time to clean and organize some more.  I can't believe I have lost a UFO!!

I finished ironing on the letters for the Christmas pillowcases I am making for my nieces, nephews and cousins here in the area (11).  Now I just need to do the hand stitching around the first letter of each name.  I don't have enough time to stitch around all the letters.  Good excuse to watch some movies. 

The wedding quilt kind of came to a stand still, and the wedding is this weekend.  Needless to say that will be another late project.  I need to get it back into my current projects and get it off no later then the first of the year.

I did get my charms off for the Huge Color Wheel Charm Swap.  Some angels had to fill in a few spots and so they should come back the end of the week.  I am planning to make the Warm/Cool quilt  over at In Color Order.  I have really liked this quilt but not enough scraps to make, now I will have a good start, only need to cut a few FQ's to make enough charms for the HST's.

Along with the pillowcases I plan to work on a old UFO.  Colorbrick, a QAL from Stitched in Color.  I started two of these a long time ago and decided to pull one out and finish it up.  One change i made to the pattern is I cheated and used a white Jelly Roll instead of cutting yardage.  So the sashing is a little bit bigger then the pattern dictated. 

So this week I intend to work on pillowcases and my Black, White and Red Colorbrick UFO. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Manic Monday....

I didn't get to all that I wanted this past week.  The thought was with having the kids home for Thanksgiving break, I would get some quality sewing time.  Okay, I forgot what a teenager and a two year old can be like. 

Here is my list from last week.....

*Finish 3 blocks from my 4 BOM's    Only 1 block done.
*Finish cutting sashing for wedding present 
*Sew down petals on Rainbow Fizz quilt top
*Cut remaining 2 yds of fabric for swap
*Finish sewing rows for Spastic quilt top     Finished!!

In addition I spent about 30 mins. cleaning.  This needs to be done on a more regular basis.

This coming week...

*Work on wedding quilt
*Cut swap charms - due this week!
*Pillow cases for Christmas
*Rainbow Fizz
*More cleaning/organizing

This week is turning out to be pretty busy, hopefully this list will help me to prioritize my time.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Manic Monday List......

With my huge UFO list on my mind, I am really trying to cut it down to something more managable.  I like to start new projects, so I need to finish some.  This week I intend to work on the following:

*Finish 3 blocks from my 4 BOM's
*Finish cutting sashing for wedding present
*Sew down petals on Rainbow Fizz quilt top
*Cut remaining 2 yds of fabric for swap
*Finish sewing rows for Spastic quilt top

These may not get done for Friday Finish, but hopefully I will get them done before next week's list gets created.