Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday's back!!

I am so excited that FF is back!!  I really need to get some things finshed.

This weeks finish is my very first purse!  In preparation for our upcoming cruise I made this purse to use while being out and about on the ship.  It holds my Kindle and my hand sewing case well, with room to spare. 

The pattern:  Bucket Bag by Keyka Lou Patterns
The fabric:  Chicopee from Denyse Schmidt

The pattern will be much easier the next time.  I was a little confused about some steps with the interfacing, I am sure this is because my sewing is limited to quilting.  I extended the length of the strap and I am so glad I did.  Now I am ready to tackle another purse and feel the urge for some non quilting sewing.  Patterns don't make themselves!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rainbow Fizz...

Friday evening after I put the little one to bed, I determined to finish my Soda Pop QAL top.  I have been wantin to make a rainbow colored quilt for quite a while and when this QAL came up I new it was time.  Earlier this year I ordered a FQ set of micro dots from Connecting Threads,  so along with some white Quilters Candy, also from CT, the vision of Rainbow Fizz came to mind.  I have a hard time naming my quilts, but this time following the Flickr! group I knew that I had the perfect name. 

When I first saw the pattern in the Fat Quarterly book, I never thought I could make this pattern.  It actually was a lot of fun and a definate remake.  Next time I will follow the pattern with the background being colorful and the petals all the same.  I think cutting out the petals all the same will save a lot of time.  Now I need to sew the petals down and the top will truely be done.  It came out much larger then I had thought it would, almost a queen size.

Today for my b-day I woke up to roses, cards and breakfast.

Last night my b-day dinner was not what we had planned, but with a 2-year old things don't always go as planned.  Even getting my present didn't go as planned.  My camera is starting to get flaky and we found one at Costco that I really like.  Same 2-year old "misplaced" my wallet so no Costco card.  Hubby has a Sam's Club card so we tried there, but they don't have the same one.  After church today we all will be hunting down my wallet. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday update..

The Mario quilt pictured in my last post is getting quilted.   I am quilting it the same way I did Zoe's b-day quilt.  (Don't have a picture to upload!)  Working with a large quilt is hard on my shoulders and back.  I adjust my chair but it dosn't work for long. 

I am cutting out the squares for the Mod Pop QAL .  I am using some FQ's in yellow and grey I purchased from Hobby Lobby. 

"Rainbow Fizz" is coming along, slowly.  I finally have all the row pieced together and I am working on getting them sewn together, then sewn into a top.  Most of the petals are on, so I can sew them down when the top is all together.  I need to take some pictures to post my progress. 

In about 7 weeks hubby and I are going away for our 15th anniversary!!  My sister is coming to stay with the kiddos so they don't miss school.  Some of the prep for the trip has been getting my laptop "cleaned" and "tuned-up".  I am trying to teach myself digital scrapbooking.  All of the crafting that I do has been self-taught, but I may have bit off more then I can handle when it comes to technology.  Up until the littlest kiddo was born, I was an avid scrapbooker.  She gets into everything!!  So I think it is time to go digital.  I am also tired of the mess from traditional scrapping.  My cousin has a digital scrapbooking blog that I have stalked for a time.  I love her layouts and love that she is current and up to date with her scrapping.  Something I have not been able to say for over 10 years!!