Saturday, December 31, 2011


This year has gone by so fast!  All 3 of my kids have grown so much.  "J" started Jr. High and enjoyed his classes so much more then he did in Elem.  He also has grown in height and is about eye level with me.  Scouting has not been what we had hoped it would be.  With such a small group of boys at church, it is hard to keep going and be motivated.  I think that if we pushed it more the leaders would be more active.  "Z" has started to really bloom.  I see less "child" and more "young lady".  She really enjoys doing her hair and "getting pretty".  Third grade has been good for her, it is more of a challenge and the wieght of being "retained" in first grade has started to wear off.  Some family talents are starting to show:  crafting, drawing and story creating.  "A" turned one and is all over the house.  Walking has creating a new challenge for the kids because she is more mobile.  They are worried about where she goes and what she is climbing on.  With us having so many stairs, hubby said it was time to work on stair climbing.  She has really picked it up and wears herself out going up and down.  Right now she is working on 4 teeth.  I am not sure which is better one at a time or a bunch at once.

I didn't complete as much in the quilting dept. but I am not going to rush myself.  I did move my sewing area up into our loft which was the computer/library area.  We don't use our desktop computer anymore and it was starting to have problems.  With about 6 laptops in the house there was no reason to spend the effort to get it going.  The library part is still there and has been worked on to be more organized.  I am able to block off the hallway leading to the stairs to "A" is contained and can play with toys while I sew.  She is reaching farther so the iron is the only thing I have to really watch out for.  Hubby gave me 4 classes for my B-day and they were fun and informative.  Sad to say only one class project was completed, the fabric bowl.  I have already signed up for Jan. "Girls Night Out" at my LQS along with a classon sewing curves.  I will use the time at "GNO" to finish two baby quilts that I need to finish by the end of January. 

I want to make a list of projects I hope to complete in 2012, but I will have to put that in another post.  I hope that 2012 is as good or better then 2011.


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