Sunday, July 1, 2012

Project Update......

Today I needed to remind myself of the progress I am making on my current projects.  Zoe's b-day was yesterday and I had been focusing a lot of time on her quilt to have it done.  I almost made it.  I only need to finsih about a 1/3 of the binding done.  I am planning on taking that to my quilt group meeting this coming week for show and tell. 

Actively working on:
     *  Jacob's b-day quilt-  All rows are assembled, need to start sewing rows together.
     *  Soda Pop QAL-  Cutting out my background and sewing them into rows.
     *  New Wave Jungle-  finish binding, and mail to Heidi.  (Her baby won't be a baby if I don't hurry.)
Coming up next:
     *  Double Sliced Trade Winds-  Need to sew rows together.  (Still thinking about hand quilting.)
     *  Spastic Camping quilt-  2 more rows to assemble then sew the rows together. 

Need to quilt:
     *  Brenda's b-day quilt-  outlining
     *  Newell's b-day quilt-  FM  ( This will be my first! I am a little scared.)

Need to baste:  4 tops

Need to move to Coming up next:
     * Cody's Superman Christmas queen quilt- I would like to have it done by Christmas.
     *  Mom's b-day quilt from 2 years ago.  She has moved to Utah and is need of something warm since leaving Las Vegas.

Thinking about:
     *  Kaleidescope quilt- partly cut out.
     *  Finishing my 2 Colorbrick quilts  ( I am over 3/4 done on these, just do it!!)
     *  Tetris QAL-  only thinking about.  Great stash quilt.
     *  Starting a QAYG-  like this idea and need to use what I have.  If I do random, my scraps will work.

This is a long list and I don't even have all my WIP's listed!!  I really want to get my stash cleared out and make quilts from what I have.  (Plus take this time to pay down my PayPal balance.)  I am excited about clearing out my stash to be able to buy up some more!! 

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