Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Soda-Pop QAL

One of the many projects that I have going right now is my Rainbow Fizz quilt for the Soda-Pop QAL.  I did finish Zoe's b-day quilt on time!! and now I am working to finish Jacob's b-day quilt.  I am really close to being finshed with the top.  This week is prime time to work on it, he is away at Scout camp.  I would have it finished by now but I had to put on a few petals to my Rainbow Fizz to see if what I had in my mind was coming out in the fabric. 

I have 5 more rows of background sewn together, they just need to be ironed and then attached. 

The sun is really bright on the white backgound so I took this picture in the shade to hopefully see the color changing better.  I still have to add the half petals on the top and along the sides.  I cut off strips from each FQ first to make the binding.  I love scrappy pieced bindings.  This has been really fun to work on.  I plan on making another, but with the background scrappy and the petals all the same.  Doing scrappy petals takes more time and my time needs to be finishing Mario for Jacob's b-day next week!!!

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