Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rainbow Fizz...

Friday evening after I put the little one to bed, I determined to finish my Soda Pop QAL top.  I have been wantin to make a rainbow colored quilt for quite a while and when this QAL came up I new it was time.  Earlier this year I ordered a FQ set of micro dots from Connecting Threads,  so along with some white Quilters Candy, also from CT, the vision of Rainbow Fizz came to mind.  I have a hard time naming my quilts, but this time following the Flickr! group I knew that I had the perfect name. 

When I first saw the pattern in the Fat Quarterly book, I never thought I could make this pattern.  It actually was a lot of fun and a definate remake.  Next time I will follow the pattern with the background being colorful and the petals all the same.  I think cutting out the petals all the same will save a lot of time.  Now I need to sew the petals down and the top will truely be done.  It came out much larger then I had thought it would, almost a queen size.

Today for my b-day I woke up to roses, cards and breakfast.

Last night my b-day dinner was not what we had planned, but with a 2-year old things don't always go as planned.  Even getting my present didn't go as planned.  My camera is starting to get flaky and we found one at Costco that I really like.  Same 2-year old "misplaced" my wallet so no Costco card.  Hubby has a Sam's Club card so we tried there, but they don't have the same one.  After church today we all will be hunting down my wallet. 

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