Thursday, October 25, 2012


Tonight I finally finished the Mario quilt I have been making for my 13 year old.  I finished the top back in July while he was at scout camp but did not get the quilting done until a couple weeks ago.  I wanted to try machine sewing the binding.  I used fleece for the backing and was a little unsure how hand stitching the binding down would go.  This may be my last time.  I did not like the results.  I left it on because I didn't want to take out all those stitches.  It felt good to mark it off my ever growning WIP list. 

My next post will have a picture of me working on my Hexy flowers somewhere out at sea!!  My sister has been kind enough to come and stay with our kids while we celebrate our 15th anniversary on a cruise.  I thought I would be packed and ready to go by now, but I am also making sure that the kids will have everything they need for the next week.  I hope I don't get sea sick!!

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