Friday, June 3, 2011

3 tops down

This past week I finished 3 quilt tops.  I almost had 4, but the last one needs to have a review.  It isn't coming together like it should so I need to study it and see where I went wrong. 

 (For some reason I could not get this picture to rotate.)
This quilt top is for Brenda.  A year ago she lost so much of her weight and now is always cold, so I thought this would help keep her warm while she is watching TV or studying.

This quilt top is being done while doing the Quilt Class 101 with Chasing Cottons blog.  I am in love with zig zags.  I plan on hand quilting this one. 

(This one won't rotate either.)
This last top I made for Newell's birthday.  It turned out way bigger then I thought it would.  I was thinking a lap or throw size but it came out almost a queen size.

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