Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where does the time go??

Several days ago I was so happy to have 3 tops ready for I am not so sure.  Last night I finally finished marking and basting my Zig-Zag top.  I have yet to start on the other 2 tops.  Things I have learned so far:
*I like pin basting better then spray basting on large projects.
*Safety pins stick through carpet really good.  My kitchen floor isn't big enough to move the table and other things around to tape the backing to the floor.  I have to pin the backing to the carpet and then when it comes to putting in the safety pins I have to redue many of them to get the layers off the carpet.  I may need to try the table method I have seen done online.
* I need more curved safety pins.  When I saw the box of basting pins on Chasing Cottons blog I thought the amount was a bit much, I know better now.  I need to buy more, many more. 
* I like using the cotton for hand quilting, but I need to make sure I have needles with big enough eyes to get the cotton through.  I used the cotton to tie my mother-in-laws quilt and really liked it better then yarn, so I will be investing in more colors so I have a variety on hand.

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