Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quilting 101 Week 1

Yesterday Chasing Cottons presented the first lesson:  Fabric.  Rebecca gave some great information that allowed me some freedoms that reminded me of Stacy Julian.  Stacy teaches a style in scrapbooking that is not the "norm", a freedom to scrapbook in a way that is not more relaxing.  That is what I felt Rebecca taught about choosing fabrics.  Choose fabrics that draw you to them.  Designers create a wide variety of fabrics in a single range, that help us choose a variety of patterns that work well together.  I for one always fear that the fabrics that I pick out won't blend together. 

A preview for week two, which is design, we will be learning how to design our own quilt.  I like to follow patterns but I also want to let my creativity flow and develop.  I am looking forward to the coming weeks. 

I am still waiting for a needle screw for my machine.  Each day I get more and more concerned that I won't get everything done this month. 

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